Wide Selection Of Optical Frame

1. Designer Frames
2. Budget Frames
3. Original Designer Sunglasses
4. Children’s Frames

Various Types of Lenses

1. Single Vision
2. Bifocals
3. Progressive Addition (Varifocal or Varilux)
4. Ready Readers (Emergency reading glasses)

LENS ADD-ONS (Tailored towards individual need)

1. Clear
2. Tinted (Suitable for outdoor use)
3. Transition or Photochromic (suitable for outdoor and indoor use)
4. Anti-reflective Coating (AR) (for night drivers and Computer users)
5. Hard-Coating/Anti-scratch
6. Polycarbonate (impact resistant and light weight) Suitable for Children, Sports and rimless frames)

Optical Accessories

1. Liquid Lens Cleaners
2. Disposable Lens Cleaning Wipes
3. Swimming Goggles
4. Children and Adult Fancy Cords
5. Assorted Frames Cases
6. Frame Screwdrivers
7. Contact Lens Storage Cases
8. Clip-on Sun Shields
9. Computer Relief Eye Drops
10. Contact Lens Rewetting Drops

Contact Lenses Solutions

Cosmetic (Various colours for stylish individuals)
Prescription (available in colours and clear and in most prescriptions

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