Comprehensive Eye Examination

Using our modern computerized equipment, we carry out comprehensive visual assessment of your eyes to determine your eye health status and detect any visual impairment. Systemic diseases like hypertension and diabetes can also be detected during this examination.

Optical Services

With a fully equiped optical laboratory, we handle a wide variety of lenses , ranging from single vision to varilux bifocal. Antireflective coatings with anti-scratch are also available for computer users and night driving. Designer and affordable UV-protection sunglasses are also available

Management Of Visual Problems And Eye Diseases

– We diagnose and treat minor eye diseases and prescribe lenses for visual problems.
– We provide visual training for patients with muscle imbalance.
– We also provide specialist services for low vision patients

Public Health Consultancy

Through our partnership with other health care providers and professionals, we provide screening and referrals for, and co-manage :

- Hypertension
- Diabetes
- Glaucoma
- Cataract

Children's Eye Care

We specialize in pediatric eye care and visual training for our young ones as well as pre-school screening to “catch them young” and prevent eye damage as they mature. Wide selection of cartoon-character frames are also available

Contact Lenses

Wide selection of contact lenses that can be worn for refractive, therapeutic, or fashion purposes. They range from daily or monthly disposables to extended wear, yearly disposable lenses

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