• Eating lots of Vitamins A, E, C, and some Zinc and Selenium (e.g. pawpaw, eggs, fish, milk, etc.,) can help prevent or slow down the progression of many diseases that affect the eyes and make eyes brighter.
  • People who smoke should quit
  • Drink Sparingly
  • One of the greatest enemies of our eyes is the sun.
  • Just like the skin, eyes are damaged by UV rays coming from the sun
  • Whether it is overcast or a clear and sunny day.
  • Sunglasses should always be warn in daylight hours when you are outside.

You need to be sure that the sunglasses you choose offer UV ray protection. There are many sunglasses sold which are just tinted glass and do not really protect your eyes, they simply offer shade from the brightness. Check the label on your sunglasses before you buy them and be sure to wear them.

To completely relax the eyes and the surrounding muscles, close your eyes and think of something that is pleasant or soothing and at a distance. Now gently open your eyes and look into the distance.

Next focus on an object at arm’s length. Do this relaxing exercise four or five times a day.

Wash eyes with cold water to get sparkling eyes.


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